Mom’s in the bath right now: FRIDAY THE 13TH – THE FINAL CHAPTER’s Lost Alternate Ending


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “But Bobby, Friday the 13th was yesterday!” Of course you’d be right. But who’s blog is this anyway? As far as I’m concerned, Friday the 13th is EVERY DAY. So spare me your nitpicking.

Fucking nerds.

And hey, I was pretty busy yesterday. I had a lot to do for my mother’s 59th birthday, and that was in addition to everything else I do each damn day of the week. Some of us don’t have the luxury of sitting in front of our computers all day obsessing over the latest casting rumors for Batman vs. Superman.

With that out of the way I present to you the long-lost alternate ending to 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, one of my personal favorite sequels of the franchise. With the exception of Jason Takes Manhattan the even-number Friday installments tend to be the best: Final Chapter had the hell directed out of it by the great Joseph Zito (The Prowler, Invasion U.S.A.) and Tom Savini returned to the series to supervise the gloriously graphic gore effects – most of which surprisingly managed to evade the machete-wielding moral hypocrites at the Motion Picture Association of America. When the movie was released on DVD in 2009 the bonus features included over ten minutes of production dailies from the creation of the violent death scenes. Best of all, Final Chapter‘s original, long thought to be lost ending was unearthed and included as an extra.

This ending is important as it resolved in a sense one of the most persistent of questions among Friday fans: the fate of the sweet Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman), who was presumed to have been murdered by Jason (Ted White) but her death was never shown in the final film. Instead she walks outside after hearing a strange noise – always sound logic in a slasher flick – and is frightened by something see spots off-camera. And that’s it. The character is never seen or referred to ever again; she doesn’t even get a perfunctory mention in the last scene, like having a cop say, “We found your mother” or something to that effect. How do you forget someone’s mother? Besides, Mrs. Jarvis was really kinda cool.

The alternate ending was scrubbed up visually for its release on Paramount’s 2009 “Deluxe Edition” DVD, but the audio track is considered forever lost or destroyed. Subtitles were provided in place along with a commentary on the scene by director Zito and leading lady Kimberly Beck. Final Chapter made its Blu-ray debut yesterday as part of Paramount/Warner Bros. 9-disc Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection box set. Contrary to previous published reports, the uncut version of the original Friday is present and accounted for. You can order that set HERE.

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